The Hall Closet

The Hall Closet opened it's doors in 1960, with the initial goal of providing curtains and tablecloths to make Juvenile Hall more homelike as well as buying books and games to meet the recreational needs of the residents.

Today, the Hall Closet is located on the Juvenile Hall Grounds, operating out of the original Juvenile Hall's administrative wing.  The Hall Closet is operated by the Juvenile Hall Auxiliary and provides birthday and Christmas gifts to the residents of the facilities and well as assisting minors and dependents that are under the county Probation and Social Service Departments.  

The Hall Closet is in constant need of support.  Donations, volunteers and shoppers wanted!    

Juvenile Hall Auxillary
The Juvenile Hall Auxiliary began in 1955, by a group of people with the express goal of brightening the lives of those residents of the newly constructed Juvenile Hall.  The organization raised funds to pay for projects, including gifts for the units and scholorships for the residents.

Their motto is "The Community Cares" and their belief is that by raising the self esteem of troubled juveniles, they will realize their self worth and hopefully become productive members of society.

Their accomplishments include raising funds for the OAYRF baseball field, swimming pool, fish pond and the Dougout restaurant, Juvenile Hall's Gym and bedtime readers as well as numerous scholorships, gifts, summer camp, Holiday baskets and buying books for the newly constructed libraries at both Juvenile Hall and OAYRF.