Interactive Maps
The GIS team has developed an interactive map application for use on our web site.  The goal of serving maps via a web browser is to provide you with easier access to County data.  Please turn off your popup blocker when using our interactive map applications.  I want to remind everyone that for the week of 04/10/2017 the site will be up and down for upgrades.

Data Download

The County provides free access to most of our GIS data via the internet.  Note that GIS or CAD software on your computer is required to use these files.  Click here to download.    

Bay Area Map

The Contra Costa, Bay Area Map will help you find Contra Costa's location in the San Francisco Bay Area.

District and Supervisor Map

The District & Supervisor Map identify your District Supervisor and determine if you live in unicorportated or incorporated Contra Costa.

All aerials have been added to the download section..  We have a long list we are working hard to finish.  We also have plans to add even more once this list is completed.  Please feel free to keep sending your generous feedback.