Sheriff Fees & Cost

The sheriff is required by the Government Code to charge fees to enforce civil actions and to levy on property or assist to satisfy money judgments.  All persons, including public entities (excluding the Department of Child Support Services), must pay the specified fees upon opening a file with our office. 

Fees and additional cost deposits are listed in the information guides for each type of services and enforcement action.  In addition to the Sheriff's fees, a requester opening a file with our office may be required to deposit in advance additional money to cover Sheriff's costs.  These costs may include:
  • Towing and storage of a vehicle
  • Inventory, removal, storage, and presentation for sale of personal property
  • Notary services
  • Publishing in a newspaper
  • Recording documents of title
  • Locksmith

At the of the conclusion of a civil action, unused fees and cost deposits are refunded.  Sheriff's fees and cost are automatically added to the enforcement action and increase the amount the debtor must pay to fully satisfy the money judgment.

Pursuant to Government Code s26746, a processing fee of $10 shall be collected from the judgment debtor on each disbursement of money paid to the judgment creditor, collected under a Writ of Attachment, Execution Possession or Sale.  The fee shall be collected from the judgment debtor in addition to and in the same manner as the writ.