Board of Supervisors   

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The Board of Supervisors holds its public meetings at the County Administration Building located at:

651 Pine St.
Room 107
Martinez, CA 94553

Meetings are held on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m., although they are not held on every Tuesday.  Please check the calendar on the County homepage for dates of upcoming meetings.

District 4 Supervisor Karen Mitchoff has been selected to serve as Chair of the Board for 2018; District 1 Supervisor John Gioia will be the Vice-Chair.  

All meetings are open to the public, and the public is encouraged to attend.  You may also watch the meetings live on Contra Costa Television, Comcast Channel 27, Astound Channel 32, or AT&T UVerse Channel 99.  Meetings are streamed live online. 

Duties and Responsibilities

As defined by general law, the duties of the Board of Supervisors include:

  • Appointing most County department heads, except elected officials, and providing for the appointment of all other County employees
  • Providing for the compensation of all County officials and employees
  • Creating officers, boards and commissions as needed, appointing members and fixing the terms of office
  • Awarding all contracts except those that are within the authority delegated to the County Purchasing Agent
  • Adopting an annual budget
  • Sponsoring an annual audit made of all County accounts, books, and records
  • Supervising the operations of departments and exercising executive and administrative authority through the County government and County Administrator
  • Serving as the appellate body for Planning and Zoning issues
  • Serving as the County Board of Equalization (the Board has created an Assessment Appeals Board to perform this function

Information related to Appointed Bodies, Committees, and Commissions to the Board of Supervisors

For additional information about the Board of Supervisors' appointed bodies, committees, and commissions, including the Maddy Book listing; please click on the Appointed Bodies, Committees, and Commissions tab on the upper left side of this page.