Performance Report 2007 Overview

The mission of Contra Costa Animal Services (CCASD) is to protect animals from abuse, neglect, and cruelty and to provide quality care for the animals we receive in our shelters.  Our goal is to place homeless animals into good, loving homes.  In 2008 alone, CCASD saved the lives of 8,169 homeless, injured, orphaned, unwanted, abandoned, and/or mistreated animals. (This includes all animals saved, not only dogs and cats.)


CCASD is an open admissions shelter.  We accept ALL stray, lost, and abandoned animals regardless of temperament or medical condition. Every animal brought to our door is welcome. This makes for a tough challenge as animals are often considered disposable commodities by far too many people.


We have come a long way and made very significant progress over the years.  In 1970, there were 50,891 homeless animals impounded in the CCASD shelters.  In 1971, a staggering 53,570 animals overwhelmed our shelters. Thus began our commitment to affordable spay/neuter surgeries, and our low-cost Spay/Neuter Clinic opened in 1977. Since then, our Clinic staff have performed thousands of surgeries and the Clinic continues to be a key component in reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned animals.


Significant improvement has been achieved since the 1970’s. By 2007 the number of animals coming into our shelters was reduced to 14,865. Much improved, but there are still far too many homeless and abandoned animals.  In 2008, with home foreclosures and the financial downturn, CCASD received nearly 2,000 more homeless animals than in 2007.


Our progress over the years is due in part to the ongoing support of the Contra Costa County business community. Thousands of animals find loving homes each year because of our partnerships with local businesses, such as PetSmart and Pet Food Express. Hundreds of volunteers work with us to reunite lost pets with their owners. Our Foster Care Program volunteers are instrumental in saving the lives of underage puppies, kittens, and rabbits. Over the years we have developed strong partnerships with Bay Area animal welfare organizations that continually improves our success rate of finding suitable homes for every adoptable pet. Key supporters in our efforts to save lives have been our Adoption Partner/Animal Rescue groups, which now number over 100.


We have come a long way, but clearly we still have much to accomplish. Starting with 2007, we are adding annual statistical information to our website which will shed light on our challenges. CCASD sincerely thanks all of our adoption partners for their continued support in helping us find homes for every adoptable animal.