Business Opportunity Programs

Contra Costa County values the contributions of small business in the County and has developed programs to assist in the solicitation and awarding of contracts. The Board of Supervisors has adopted these programs to enable small and local businesses to compete for a share of the County’s purchasing transactions.

Small Business Enterprise Program
The Board of Supervisor’s has set a goal of awarding at least 50% of eligible product and service dollars to small businesses. The Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program applies to: (1) county-funded construction contracts of $100,000 or less; (2) purchasing transactions of $100,000 or less; and (3) professional/personal service contracts of $100,000 or less. Businesses included under these programs include:

To register, return the Vendor Registration and Maintenance Page for information regarding our Purchasing Portal website.

Outreach Program
The Outreach Program requires that the County perform solicitation to a minimum of three vendors. A minimum of 50% of the vendors solicited must be an SBE, MBE, WBE, DBE, DVBE or LBE. It does not establish a requirement for awarding contracts.

E-Outreach Program

Product and service solicitations over $10,000 that are not exempt or sole-source will be advertised through the County electronic bidding system. This will ensure that a broad range of potential vendors will be solicited. Vendors interested in bidding on a purchasing contract with Contra Costa County will be referred to

Local Bid Preference
The Board of Supervisors adopted a local bid preference ordinance to support small local business and stimulate the local economy at no additional cost to the County. If the low bid in a commodities purchase is not a local vendor, any responsive local vendor who submitted a bid over $25,000 that was within 5% percent of the lowest bid has the option to submit a new bid. The local vendor will be awarded if the new bid is in an amount less than or equal to the lowest responsive bid. The ordinance defines a local vendor as any business that has its headquarters, distribution point, or locally-owned franchise located within the county for at least six months immediately prior to the issuance of the request for bids, and holds a valid business license by a jurisdiction in Contra Costa County.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy

It is the policy of Contra Costa County to support purchasing practices that reduce waste, minimize environmental impacts, promote recycling, and are sustainable. The County will consider short-term and long-term costs in comparing product alternatives when feasible. Products that are durable, long lasting, reusable or refillable are preferred. The County shall ensure that wherever possible specifications are developed to provide for the expanded use of environmentally preferable products.