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Storm Season Preparation

Trees provide shade and comfort in the summer but during the first few heavy rains of the season they shed their leaves. Unless removed, these leaves make their way to our drainage system. They block catch basin grates and cross culvert pipes, including culverts going under driveways.

You can help by removing the leaves that are falling from the trees on your property, and disposing of them in a proper manner. Clear the tops of grates and in front of culvert pipes. With your help we can prevent flooding and help the environment. Please see the Drainage Maintenance Brochure for more information on how to prepare.

Private Drainage Systems

Contra Costa County has 31 major watersheds and sub-watersheds containing more than 1,300 miles of creeks and drainages. Of that total the County maintains approximately 75 miles of improved creeks and drainages. The rest is the responsibility of private property owners.

The County maintains only those drainage facilities required as a condition of development constructed to standards applicable at the time of construction and located in an easement or other land right accepted by the County. Creek maintenance is the responsibility of the owner whose property abuts a creek.

When the creek area is not properly maintained the resulting obstructions can lead to increased flooding, changes in the course of the creek, and increased erosion on the obstructed property or downstream. See this excerpt from Title 10 of the County Code for details. The Public Works Department recommends the following guidelines on private creek maintenance.

Tree Trimming

You can help our maintenance efforts by preventing private trees and shrubs from encroaching on County roads. These encroachments are forbidden.

Please see this diagram for acceptable tree clearances.

For information on power lines and trees please see the PG&E website on the subject.

Street Sweeping

For information on the County's street sweeping schedule, please see the County Watershed Program.