PLEASE NOTE: Due to a shortage in space in both our Martinez and Pinole facilities, we are unable to take in healthy cats until further notice.


Pet Licensing
On July 2, 2018, Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS) transitioned its animal licensing services to PetData. CCAS has been made aware of difficulties experienced by residents mailing in their licenses during the month of July 2018. If your mail was returned, please visit our new licensing website at: http://www.petdata.com/for-pet-owners/ccc , or visit Contra Costa Animal Services at 4800 Imhoff Place, Martinez, CA 94553 TuesdaySaturday10:00 am – 5:00 pm to process your license. We are also open Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm to the public.

Discovery Bay residents: Please read this important notice regarding Blue-Green Algae bloom in the bay.


The weather is getting warm and your car can heat up in just minutes. Even windows cracked open won't help. Please leave your pets at home and not in the car.


Blog: Beware of blue-green algae blooms. They can contain toxins are especially harmful to children and pets. Read more . . .



Mission Statement

Contra Costa County Animal Services Department is committed to protecting the health, safety and well-being of all people and animals in our community through enforcement of state and local laws, providing compassionate care for every animal regardless of its temperament or condition, and reducing the number of animals that enter our County shelters.  

We will prioritize life saving. We will shelter homeless, abandoned and lost animals, work to keep and place animals in safe, caring homes, and provide education and services to enhance the lives of people, their animal companions, and to strengthen the human-animal bond.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Contra Costa County Animal Services Department will accomplish our mission by:

  • Protecting the citizens of Contra Costa County from animal related diseases and from animal injury.
  • Preventing animal cruelty, abuse and neglect.
  • Providing humane care and treatment of all animals in accordance with the Association of Shelter Veterinarians Guidelines and following the Five Freedoms.
  • Striving to decrease our shelter intake, increase our live release rates and to reserve euthanasia for animals that have serious medical conditions with great suffering, or behavior issues that pose a threat to the public’s health and safety and the animal’s well-being.
  • Keeping animals in their homes by providing resources and active counseling for owners looking to surrender their family companions.
  • Increasing licensing and micro-chipping efforts to assist owners in reuniting with their lost pets.
  • Providing spay/neuter services to reduce pet overpopulation.   
  • Educating the public about responsible pet ownership, including preventative medicine, spay/neuter, and vaccinations.
  • Providing high-quality customer service and treating all individuals with respect, professional courtesy, and integrity.
  • Creating collaborative partnerships that further our mission and increase our ability to serve the people and animals of Contra Costa County.