San Ramon Bypass Clean-up - Friday, September 30th, 2016

A group of ten Save Mount Diablo volunteers and four Contra Costa County Flood Control / Public Works employees went into the San Ramon Bypass on Friday, September 30th to clean up our Flood Control Channel, by removing the trash that has accumulated during the past summer. The San Ramon Bypass is a concrete Flood Control Channel the urban center of Walnut Creek from the flood waters of San Ramon Creek and other tributary creeks of Walnut Creek. The concrete channel is four and half miles in length and runs from Rudgear Road and ends at a concrete drop structure at Bancroft Road in Concord. The volunteers were separated into two groups: one group started from the upstream end of the channel and the other group drove down to drop structure #2 near Bancroft Road. Each group walked a little over two miles until they reached each other in the center of the channel. The volunteers were supported by two Flood Control vehicles, which is where they placed the trash they picked up.

Our volunteers were able to remove almost 4 cubic yards (two full pickup trucks) of trash and debris. It was mostly small items, predominantly food-related, but it included two shopping carts, a book shelf, a lot of clothing, and a few pieces of rebar, including one that was at least 12 feet in length.

Another purpose of this clean-up was to remove the temporary sand bag diversion that Flood Control Staff / City of Walnut Creek / and volunteers placed earlier this summer. This was placed in order to increase low water flow to and through Civic park, but needed to be removed before the winter rains. As they undid the dam, they discovered one fairly large crawdad. It is amazing how nature finds its way into even a concrete channel.

The Flood Control District would like to thank all the volunteers who participated in the San Ramon Bypass clean-up. Their hard work will not be visible to most, but two truckloads of trash will not be floating through Walnut Creek to our Bay and ultimately to the Pacific Ocean.