District IV Supervisor Karen Mitchoff

Hello and welcome to the District IV website! As your County Supervisor, I was elected to serve the diverse communities of Clayton, Concord, Pleasant Hill, part of Walnut Creek, and the unincorporated Contra Costa Centre.

We live in an ever-evolving economy with constant change in community needs, and serving constituents in District IV is my #1 Priority. I encourage you to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you might have.

I look forward to seeing you around the community!

Karen Mitchoff

                 What's Happening Around District IV

2018 YES Conference Date AnnouncedYES Conf2018On Saturday, February 24, 2018, students will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, participate in workshops and share stories from their schools and communities about how youth can lead the way in promoting safe and healthy communities. Students are strongly encouraged to present and show case their work at the conference by registering to become a presenter.

The 2018 YES Conference will be held at Laney College (900 Fallon Street – Right by the Lake Merritt BART Station, Oakland, 94607). The conference is free and open to students from all nine San FranciscoBay Area counties. Breakfast and lunch will be provided and free shuttles are available from the Northand South Bays. For complete conference information and to register, visit www.sparetheairyouth.org.

    Supervisor Mitchoff's Response to 
        Today's Delta Tunnels News

SACRAMENTO, CA - In response to an announcement yesterday by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service regarding their biological opinion of environmental impacts of the California "WaterFix" twin tunnels plan through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the Delta Counties Coalition (DCC) issued the following statement:
"The agencies responsible for protecting the sensitive and critical environmental balance that is the Delta are acting against the clear scientific evidence showing that this project is devastating for the Delta," said San Joaquin County Supervisor Kathy Miller.
"It is incredibly difficult to understand or reconcile how the addition of 1,800 acres of habitat restoration to this massive water operations project now results in a "no-jeopardy" finding for the listed species; it certainly does nothing to reduce the socioeconomic impacts to the people that live and work in the Delta," said Supervisor Karen Mitchoff of Contra Costa County.
"We are still hopeful that the ratepayers in water districts such as Metropolitan, Westlands, and Santa Clara, realize that $17.1 billion should only be spent on projects that will actually produce more water," said Solano County Supervisor Skip Thomson.
The DCC advocates for protecting the interests of the Delta and California's water supply and supports a set of approaches that will achieve balance for the economic and environmental health of the Delta while also improving water supply stability. These solutions include:
  • Improving the ability to move water around as needed with cost-effective water system operation improvements.
  • Increasing storage capacity.
  • Reinforcing our levee system.
  • Increasing opportunities for local storage, increased conservation plans, water reuse and recycling and desalination.
  • Restoring the Delta's health so that it can continue its role as an economic, agricultural, recreational and environmental engine for the region and state.
"There are currently multiple projects throughout California that provide these solutions and would cost billions less, and unlike the tunnels, would produce millions of acre-feet of new water to address the state's current and long-term water needs," noted San Joaquin County Supervisor, Chuck Winn. "Also, the additional storage would greatly benefit the environment and reduce the adverse impacts of floods and future droughts." 

Park District and County reach agreement
Sets stage for potential recreational fields and new library
For more information, click here.

AgLantisAn innovative urban sustainable farm project in Contra Costa County that will provide produce for a local food bank and schools has taken a major step forward. The CoCo San Sustainable Farm, a project of non-profit AgLantis (501c-3), recently secured a $50,000 contribution from the County to help build a 6,000-square-foot hydroponics greenhouse on a buffer land section of the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District located in Contra Costa County's Northern Waterfront.

The Contra Costa County Livable Communities Trust Fund recently awarded $50,000 at my recommendation and that of my colleague on the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Federal Glover. This funding is for the assembly of a 

6000 square foot, high-tech, commercial greenhouse in partnership with AgraTech, Inc., of Pittsburg, CA. Thanks to the latest funding, the greenhouse is expected to be built in 2017. AgLantis will be raising funds from the community to build the required fencing and to equip the greenhouse. 

The aim of the CoCo San Sustainable Farm is to grow produce on the 15-acre urban farm in 2018. The project addresses a need to reduce nutritional poverty by providing access to free or low-cost fresh produce through a unique combination of using urban public buffer land, community involvement, otherwise wasted recycled water, and harnessing the produce growth efficiencies of greenhouses.

The project aligns with the County Livable Communities Trust Fund's goals in promoting innovative land use planning and design principles, and promoting economic revitalization. The CoCo Sustainable Farm, situated in Contra Costa County's Northern Waterfront across state Route 4 from Buchanan Field Airport, will be irrigated by recycled, nutrient-rich, agricultural grade water that currently ends up in the Suisun Bay as treated wastewater. The farm will benefit from the efficiencies of greenhouse production, which produces up to 40 times the volume of food at one-tenth the water use.

The Contra Costa Food Bank will pick up and distribute fresh produce from the farm to its clients and area schools. Community supported agriculture boxes from the farm will provide low-cost, seasonal food to local residents. In addition, CoCo San Sustainable Farm will serve an educational function, serving as a hands-on outdoor classroom for students and local residents, highlighting the science and engineering that happens on a farm.

Idle Free Pledge
Idle Free 2017
The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors is the first local government in the Bay Area to go idle free.  On April 25, in conjunction with Earth Day, each member of the Board of Supervisors took the Idle Free Pledge. I'm proud to have led this effort with my colleagues!

Transportation from vehicles is one of the largest sources of air pollution in Contra Costa County, representing 47 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions in 2013.  These emissions have negative impacts on our health, including aggregated asthma, coughing or difficult breathing, decreased lung function, cardiovascular problems, and bronchitis.  The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that idling in personal vehicles wastes about three billion gallons of fuel annually.