Garbage & Recycling

March 27 Update: Dumpster at Road Closure
Republic Services returned a large dumpster to the closure area in addition to the regular pick-up service detailed below. The dumpster will be available for the next two weeks for your convenience. If you are a resident who currently does not have service with Republic, you will want to make arrangements with the company for trash and recycling pick up. You can find their contact information here: or call directly at (925) 685-4711.

Trash & Recycling Collection
Republic Services is collecting bagged garbage and recyclables placed out in special blue bags they provide weekly from customers with active accounts. Residents who do not have curbside collection service with Republic Services (non-customers) are able to use the dumpster detailed above for the next two weeks or should see the next section with links.

  • Bagged trash should be placed out for pick-up Thursday mornings no later than 6:00 a.m.
  • Recyclables will also be picked up at the same time if placed out in special blue recycling bags provided by Republic Services (distributed at the March 11th community meeting).
  • Bags will be collected from the same location as your garbage carts are normally serviced.
  • Pickup trucks will be used to collect trash and recyclables, so no large items should be set out.
  • Stay tuned for service updates, including future green waste collection.
Call Republic Services Customer Service at (925) 685-4711 with any questions about trash or recycling collection.

Nearest Reuse, Recycling and Disposal Facilities
The links below have information that may be useful to non-customers and customers alike. Use the links to find locations that accept a variety of reusable and recyclable materials, including some that offer free drop off and other locations even pay for certain recyclables. You can also use links to find information about nearby disposal facilities (landfills or transfer stations) where residents can pay to drop-off any excess trash, including large unusable, non-recyclable items.

Includes information about the Central County Household Hazardous Waste Facility that accepts toxic items like unwanted household or garden chemicals, CFLs and batteries.

Includes locations where residents can drop-off a wide range of materials including unwanted/expired medications, used needles/medical sharps and electronic waste.