North Richmond Annexation information

Contra Costa County provided 40% of the funding for a joint study into North Richmond Annexation feasibility, with the City of Richmond funding the other 60%.

North Richmond is a mostly unincorporated community located on the west edge of Contra Costa County between the City of San Pablo and the San Pablo Bay. It is entirely surrounded by the municipal boundaries of the City of Richmond. A portion of North Richmond is already in the City of Richmond, meaning many neighbors have different governments with which to interact in accessing services.

Unincorporated North Richmond consists of approximately 900 acres. The area north of Wildcat Creek consists primarily of industrial-related uses. The area south of Wildcat Creek is occupied, for the most part, by the North Richmond residential community of approximately 765 mostly single family residence. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are 3,717 residents in unincorporated North Richmond.

For annexation to occur, the City of Richmond’s City Council must approve annexation, followed by reviews and approvals by LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) and the voters of both the City of Richmond and unincorporated North Richmond.

While annexation is difficult and complicated, County Supervisor John Gioia believes that it may ultimately enhance public service delivery in the community and bode well for North Richmond’s future. Pockets of unincorporated communities surrounded by cities have long been recognized as an inefficient means by which to deliver public services, harming communities. In addition, the current arrangement means that residents of unincorporated North Richmond can’t vote in local city elections and must travel to Martinez to attend County Board of Supervisors meetings. Their local government is nearly 20 miles away, with no direct public transit linkages.

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