Livable Communities

Livable communities are safe and secure, with affordable housing and transportation, as well as a variety of community features and services. Contra Costa County is dedicated to providing services and a secure environment for residents to live, work, and play.

Housing and Neighborhood Improvement


One of the largest sources of pollution in Contra Costa County is the transportation sector.  The County will be working in 2018 and 2019 with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority to develop an Electric Vehicle Readiness Blueprint, which will identify locations across the County for electric vehicle chargers for cars as well as buses and other medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.The County is also working to redesign our streets so all types of transportation, including bicycles and pedestrians, are welcome.  Right now we’re working projects for the Marsh Creek Corridor, Treat Boulevard, and the Iron Horse Corridor.

Overall responsibility for maintaining and improving the County’s transportation system rests with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.  

Idle Free Pledge -  The County Board of Supervisors and several cities and school districts are going Idle Free! You can too!


Contra Costa County has many city, County, and regional parks that allow residents to enjoy hike, bike, kayak, learn, and appreciate nature.  Our County is defined by Mount Diablo, which is preserved as a State park. Learn more about Mt. Diablo from the Executive Director of Save Mount Diablo here.

East County Habitat Conservancy

Starting in 1998, the County worked with the Federal and State governments to develop a plan for protecting natural resources while improving and streamlining the permit process for endangered special and wetlands regulations.  The East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservancy is important to preserving open spaces here.