Leading by Example

The County is with you in the effort to increase sustainability! Contra Costa County is already implementing various plans regarding our buildings, transportation, and programs. We are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our own offices and practices in addition to other reducing emissions around the County.

County Buildings

The County builds and maintains its offices, health centers, fire stations, and other facilities to meet or exceed the Leadership in Energy LEED silver standards.

County Fleet

Contra Costa County has been working for several years to reduce the number of vehicles our employees use on the job, and to increase the fuel efficiency of the cars in our fleet.  In May 2018, the County was ranked at 63 in the 100 Best Fleets Program, out of 38,000 public fleets across the country.  Learn more about the County fleet here.

Idle Free

Idle Free Pledge at BOSIdle Free Zone Sign
Alhambra High Students Presenting Idle Free Pledge findings

The County Board of Supervisors and several cities and school districts are going Idle Free!  Turning off your engine when you are stopped for 30 seconds or more saves money and makes a big difference for clean air, which is especially important for children and the elderly.
Take the Idle Free Pledge!

Climate Action Plan

In 2015, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Climate Action Plan that outlines activities in Contra Costa County that are damaging our climate and identifies things we can do to make our County cleaner and healthier. Learn more here

Municipal Action Plan

In 2008, the County looked at its own operations and identified a number things that County staff can do to reduce damage to the climate from County operations. Learn more here.