Felony Unit

The Domestic Violence Unit has a felony unit, which has four experienced attorneys and two veteran investigators who handle between 150 to 200 felony cases each year.

Each attorney personally handles each case from beginning to end and personally appears at all major stages of the prosecution of the case.

Over the years, this team has had a consistently high conviction rate, and in the last three years it has been over 95%.


The Domestic Violence Unit also has two experienced attorneys who file domestic violence cases throughout the county.

These attorneys are also responsible for the management and expedition of all misdemeanor domestic violence cases in Contra Costa, and they also appear at the Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Court.

They bring much higher quality to the filing of cases, as well as a more uniform approach to the disposition of misdemeanor cases.

Other Responsibilities

The Domestic Violence Unit routinely trains most of the law enforcement officers in the County.

The team is involved in the Domestic Violence Death Review Team and the Advisory Council Against Domestic Violence (ACAD).