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Jan 03

Two Important Animal Laws Take Effect in 2019

Posted to Contra Costa Animal Services Animal Tails on January 3, 2019 at 10:29 AM by Lori Calvery

Happy New Year! It’s something we’ll be hearing for the next few weeks… at least. Ringing in the new year is synonymous with parties, champagne and Auld Land Syne. The turn of the year is also the time when new laws begin to take effect. This year, there are two new laws in the state of California that will make a huge difference in the lives of animals – AB 485 and SB 1305. Both of these laws went into place on January 1st and will have a significant impact on the lives of animals across the state. 


Here’s a breakdown of what each bill does: 

Pet shop storefront


- AB 485 prohibits the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores unless these animals are obtained from animal shelters or rescue groups. This new law will have a direct impact on animal shelters and animal rescue groups statewide in a very positive way. The law is meant to cut down on puppy mills and the whopping $250-million a year the state spends on euthanizing shelter animals. This law is a first of its type in the country, once again showing that California leads the way.


For more information on AB 485, click here. 

firefighter performing cpr on a dog 

- SB 1305 allows first responders who encounter a distressed dog or cat to provide emergency medical assistance, including mouth-to-snout resuscitation, to those pets. These practices were previously only allowed to be conducted by licensed veterinary professionals. This new law effectively increases the ability of first responders and animal control officers to save even more animal lives.


For more information about SB 1305, click here. 

Nov 01

November is a month to be Thankful

Posted to Contra Costa Animal Services Animal Tails on November 1, 2018 at 12:35 PM by Lori Calvery

November is a time for giving thanks, especially at Contra Costa Animal Services (CCAS). As we begin to reflect on 2018, we are extremely thankful for our community that has made possible hundreds of adoptions, fosters and rescues over the last ten months.

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Apr 09

Volunteers – The Lifeblood of CCAS

Posted to Contra Costa Animal Services Animal Tails on April 9, 2018 at 1:32 PM by Lori Calvery

For some people, volunteering is about giving. For CCAS volunteers, it's a way of living. Their daily acts of kindness and compassion, and their knowledge and experience of our department and the animals, make them real life superheroes . . .

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