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Department of Conservation and Development

  1. Building Permit Cancellation & Refund Request
  2. Code Enforcement Complaint Form
  3. Contact Us - Conservation & Development
  4. General Information Request Form
  5. Northern Waterfront Notification Request

    Form to receive notification concerning the Northern Waterfront Economic Development Initiatives

  6. Olympic Corridor Trail Connector Study Comments
  7. Planning Information Request
  8. Recycling Inquiry
  9. Website Suggestion
  1. Cannabis Regulation and Licensing Email List

    Sign up for emails regarding marijuana regulation and licensing

  2. Community Choice Energy Email List

    Sign up for emails regarding Community Choice Energy (CCE)

  3. Free Reuse & Recycling Resources
  4. Northern Waterfront Ad Hoc Committee Request

    Form to request agendas and updates from the Northern Waterfront Ad Hoc Committee

  5. Odor Complaint - Keller Canyon Landfill

    This complaint form should solely be used to submit information about suspected landfill odors detected in the vicinity of the Keller... More…

  6. Permit Extension Request
  7. Prescreening Form - North Richmond
  8. Website Bug Report