Legislative Services

Recognizing the need for consistency in conveying the official Board of Supervisors’ positions on federal and state legislative and regulatory matters and to provide an effective program of legislative representation, Contra Costa County institutes a coordinated process involving interaction between the Board of Supervisors, the County Administrator’s Office, County departments/agencies, County advisory bodies, and the County’s contract legislative advocates in Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

The purpose of Contra Costa County’s legislative program is to secure legislation and/or regulation that benefits the County and its residents; oppose/amend legislation and regulation that might adversely impact the County’s delivery of services; shape public policy in priority areas that impact County government and operations; and secure state and federal funding for County purposes through the budget, grant and/or appropriations process.

It is the primary responsibility of the County Administrator’s Office, in coordination with the legislative advocates in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. to advance official County positions on bills and regulation. In collaboration with the legislative advocates and County departments/agencies who may be delegated specific legislative policy areas, the County Administrator’s Office will coordinate the activities of the County related to legislation and regulation, including:

  • Development of the State and Federal Legislative Platforms for consideration and adoption by the Board of Supervisors.
  • Serving as the “clearing house” for all official contacts in the name of the County by county officers and employees with state and federal legislators and administrative officials.
  • Providing Reports to the Board and Staff Support to the Legislation Committee. The County Administrator’s Office tracks the progress of and maintains a list of all bills and measures on which the Board of Supervisors has adopted a formal position. The County Administrator’s Office also provides staff support to the Legislation Committee of the Board of Supervisors.
  • Coordinating State Lobbying Activity Reporting. As required by state law, lobbying activity undertaken by County officials and employees must be reported on a quarterly basis.

California State Capitol Sacramento USACalifornia State Capitol Sacramento

US National Capitol in Washington, DC. American landmark.United States National Capitol in Washington, DC. American landmark.