Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

The Clerk of the Board’s Office is a division of the office of the County Administrator. It provides staff support for all Board of Supervisors and Assessment Appeals Board meetings; accepts and processes property abatement requests; prepares, posts, publishes and archives records; receives and processes claims against the County; researches and copies current and historical records maintained by Clerk of the Board; posts vacancy notices for and keeps records of appointments to Boards, Commissions and Committees; processes legal publications, postings and notices; administers oaths of office for various appointed officials and Board/Commission members; acts as filing officer/official for Statement of Economic Interest forms; updates the County’s Administrative and General Ordinance Codes; provides required training to advisory body members and staff to those bodies, and maintains the Board of Supervisors’ public review file.


  • Jami Napier, Chief Assistant Clerk of the Board
  • Lauren Hull, Management Analyst
  • Joellen Bergamini, Executive Assistant
  • June McHuen, Board Secretary
  • Laura Cassell, Assessment Appeals Board Secretary
  • Stacey Boyd, Deputy Clerk
  • Vacant, Deputy Clerk

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