Improving Community Safety

Supervisor Glover implemented the following ordinances with the intention of controlling blight, improving community safety and making the County a more pleasant place to live:

  • The Renters Ordinance (PDF) improves the maintenance of rental properties in the unincorporated areas of the County.
  • The Vessel Ordinance (PDF) allows the cleanup of our Delta waterways of derelict or abandoned vessels.
  • Dock Safety Ordinance establishes permit and safety requirements for new, and existing docks and outlines guidelines for dock repairs and abatements.
  • Temporary Events Ordinance establishes guidelines for events that are conducted on private property and generates or invites considerable public participation, invitees, or spectators.
  • Vacant Property Ordinance identifies vacant properties where nuisance conditions frequently occur and require the proper securing of those properties to prevent additional problems from occurring on the property.
  • Regulation of Boat Storage
  • Community Preservation Ordinance
  • Flood Hazard Combining District