Quality of Life Enhancements

A More Desirable Place to Live

Supervisor Glover's primary issue since joining the Board of Supervisors in 2000 has been to enhance the quality of life and make District V a more desirable place to live and work.

  • Creation of Public Protection Subcommittee - As the 2008 Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Glover's first act was to create a subcommittee on Public Protection to study and recommend to the board actions or programs that can keep our communities safe from man-made or natural threats.
  • Highway 4 Bypass- Although currently an alternate member, Supervisor Glover has invested over 10 years as a sitting board member of theHighway 4 Bypass Authority moving the project forward as it develops and approaches completion. Segment 1and the first phase ofSegment 2have been completedwithSegment 3 yet to be completed.
  • Widening of Highway 4- As a longtime industrious member of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, in excess of 12 years, Supervisor Glover has been instrumental in both the planning process and securing funds for the development and implementation of the Highway 4 Widening project. His lobbying efforts inWashington DC and advocacy onTRANSPLAN and theMetropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) have proved quite beneficial to the region.Phase 1 & Phase 2of the widening project have been completed and we are currently inPhase 3of a4 Phaseproject.
  • Vasco Road- Supervisor Glover worked to implement safety improvements on Vasco Road through the installation of lane delineators as well as median and shoulder rumble strips, also the Vasco Road Safety Task Force and the daylight headlight section.Additionally, he was among those who requested that legislation be enacted to designate Vasco Road as a Safety Corridor and instituted a double fine zone.
  • East County Fire Protection District- Supervisor Glover initiated the merger of East County Fire Programs into one seamless fire department as the prior governing structure was meant to be a temporary body and the growing needs of East County needed to be addressed.
  • Urban Limit Line (PDF)- Supervisor Glover has been a strong activist for the Urban Limit Line since its inception in 1990 because of its design to protect open space and reduce urban sprawl by channeling growth in areas most appropriate for urban development while maintaining the necessary infrastructure to support smart growth.
  • North Broadway Infrastructure Program - Supervisor Glover completed the final phases of the Bay Point project with the installation of paved streets and sidewalks.
  • He changed the manner in which the Keller Canyon Landfill Mitigation Fund is dispensed so that it helps improve the quality of life of East County residents.