Internal Jobs

Promotional Opportunities

Applicants must have probationary or regular permanent status in the County on or before the final filing date of the recruitment in order to participate in promotional examinations.

Transfer Bids

Applicants must be a Current Contra Costa County Employee with permanent status in the Merit System, meet minimum qualifications, and transfer eligibility criteria to participate in the Countywide transfer bid process. Please refer to your MOU or the Personnel Management Regulations for more specific guidance on transfer eligibility criteria.

Click here to view current Promotional and Transfer Opportunities for Contra Costa County.

Paper Application

A paper application may only be used for those job opportunities where there is no posted recruitment as follows: Administrative Intern, Bid/Transfer, Deep Class Reassignment, Flexibly Staffed Promotion, Student Worker, Temporary, Temporary Upgrade.

To access a copy of our Paper Application (PDF).

Please note: This paper application cannot be used to apply online or used to apply for job opportunities not listed above.

Printing requirements: please change your paper size to 8.5 inches by 14 inches (Legal) and print it on Legal sized paper. If you don't have Legal sized paper, please change your printer settings to "fit" and then print on 8.5 inches by 11 inches (Letter Sized) paper.