Dependent Care Assistance Program

DCAP Overview

To help make child care more affordable, permanent employees may enroll in the Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP). In accordance with section 129 of the Internal Revenue Code, this benefit option allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible dependent expenses.

These deductions are not subject to State, Federal, or Social Security, and Medicare (FICA) taxes. Participants are then able to be reimbursed on an ongoing basis rather than wait to file with their annual tax filings each year. The current maximum annual contribution amount allowed by the IRS is $5,000.

IMPORTANT: You must re-enroll in your Flexible Spending Accounts (HCSA and DCAP) every year. If you do not re-enroll during the annual benefits Open Enrollment, three (3) week period usually in late September - early November, your FSA participation will end on December 31.


March 31, 2024 is the deadline to submit 2023 plan year claims.

Day Care FSA Debit Cards are now Available!

Day Care FSA funds are now available on the Navia Benefits debit card! This means that Day Care FSA participants will be able to swipe their debit card to pay for day care related expenses.  The addition of the debit card makes paying for day care simple, quick, and efficient.  

Day Care FSA debit cards are active for the following groups of participants:

  • For participants who already have a Navia Benefits debit card their Day Care FSA funds have been applied to their card.
  • For participants who do not have a Navia Benefits debit card, a debit card is being mailed to their address on file. 

Some debit card reminders for your employees:

  • Always check your balance before making a swipe or purchase.
  • Participants cannot make a swipe for more than the balance in their Day Care FSA account.
  • Some day care providers are not approved merchants on the Navia Benefits debit card.
  • The Day Care FSA debit card can be used with their Kinside account.

Participants can check balances, transactions, and get more information on their participant portal or through the Navia.

For more information, please refer to DCFSA Debit Card flyer (PDF)