Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Do you feel sometimes that you have more problems than you have solutions?
Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help you with these personal issues in a safe and confidential manner.

How can your EAP assist you in addressing these nagging life problems?
  • The EAP sessions are strictly confidential.   

What is the EAP process?
Our EAP Program will help you explore your concerns.  With your assistance, he will help you identify possible solutions by a process of short-term problem solving consisting of assessment of the issue(s) and, if necessary, a referral to a professional resource outside of your EAP.

The following are some of the services covered by your EAP:

  • Emotional concerns (e.g. depression);
  • Family and relationship difficulties (over time, they seem to become worse);
  • Work and personal stress (how to cope with your personal issues);
  • Alcohol and drug problems for you or your family members (when and how to intervene with the chemically dependent person);
  • Financial concerns (learn money management skills).


CONTACT:        Contra Costa County
                       Employee Assistance Program - Magellan
                       Appointments:  (800) 229-8674

Members of DSA and IAFF Local 1230 should contact:
                        Managed Health Network
                        Appointments:  (800) 227-1060 

Other sources of assistance are provided in the Wellness Resource Guide for Community Services