Case workers and attorneys in our office:

  • Establish court orders for paternity, child support, and medical coverage;
  • Locate the noncustodial parent and his/her assets to enforce the court order;
  • Collect and distribute support payments;
  • Maintain accounts of payments paid and due;
  • Modify court orders when appropriate; and
  • Determine and take appropriate actions to enforce court orders for child, family, spousal, and medical support.

Services not provided by Contra Costa County  Department of Child Support Services (DCSS)

  • We do not legally represent either the custodial or noncustodial party's interests. Our attorneys are not your attorneys.
  • We cannot assist with visitation or custody issues.
  • We cannot obtain divorce decrees nor represent either party in a divorce action.
  • We cannot establish or modify spousal support orders.
  • We cannot obtain or enforce restraining orders, except those orders which include child support.

Annual Fee: The Federal Deficit Reduction Act requires DCSS to collect a $35 annual fee for services provided in child support cases where:

  • The family has never received cash assistance benefits such as TANF, CalWorks, or AFDC;
  • The custodial party has received $550 or more in child support payments during the previous Federal Fiscal Year;
  • The custodial party has not already paid the $35 child support annual fee in another state.