Rain Gauges


The Flood Control District manages 30 rain gauges. We collect the data from our rain gauges and publish it online every 20 minutes. You can easily find the data via our Rain Map and other links on this page.

Rain Gauge Maps

Rain Gauge Table Web Page

Contra Costa Rain Gauge Data

Below is link to a HEC-DSS file that contains much of our rainfall data. Where we have real time data (time stamped at each tip of the tipping bucket rain gauge) we provide data at 5 minute intervals. Where we have only 1 hour or 1 day data, we provide data at 1 hour or 1 day intervals. You will need HEC-DSSVue to view the data after unzipping the file. Not all of our data is in this DSS file. We are continuing to add data to it.

Rainfall Data (NovaStar.zip) (DSS file 3.9 MB updated 6/18/2012 -right click to download file) Data is in inches, is provisional and subject to revision. The data is current as of June 30, 2011).

So that they would be flagged as missing, but would not skew the data plots in DSSVue, missing data has been set to equal -0.09999. Use the HEC-DSSVue Tools>Math Functions>General tab>Replace Specific Values pull down menu to change these. 

Rain Gauge List with links to CDEC

Below is a list of the rain gauge stations with a link to their data at the California Data Exchange Center (CDEC).

West County Stations

Central County Stations

East County Stations


The Contra Costa County Flood Control & Water Conservation District (FC District) is not responsible for predicting flooding, warning property owners of imminent flooding, or ordering evacuations. The above information is presented to provide an indication of potential for flooding based on experience and review of limited historic rainfall data. The FC District does not warranty, guarantee, or certify the accuracy of the rainfall data. The data accuracy and availability can be compromised due to equipment failure, power loss, equipment defects, loss of calibration, or Internet/radio communication equipment failure of equipment provided by others.