Board of Supervisors Meetings

The Board of Supervisors holds regular meetings at the County Administration Building, 1025 Escobar Street, Martinez. Meetings are held on Tuesdays beginning at 9:00 a.m., however they do not occur on every Tuesday. Please check the calendar on the County homepage to see the dates of upcoming meetings. All meetings are open to the public, and the public is encouraged to attend. Persons who wish to address the Board should complete the form provided for that purpose and furnish a copy of any written statement to the Clerk.

All matters listed under CONSENT ITEMS are considered by the Board to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless requested by a member of the Board or a member of the public prior to the time the Board votes on the motion to adopt.

Persons who wish to speak on matters set for PUBLIC HEARINGS will be heard when the Chair calls for comments from those persons who are in support thereof or in opposition thereto. PERSONS WHO WISH TO ADDRESS THE BOARD MAY BE LIMITED TO TWO (2) MINUTES. After persons have spoken, the hearing is closed and the matter is subject to discussion and action by the Board.

The County will provide reasonable accommodations for disabled individuals planning to attend Board meetings who contract the Clerk of the Board at (925) 655-2000; TDD (925) 655-2000. An assistive listening device is available from the Clerk.

Copies of taped recordings of all or portions of a Board meeting may be purchased from the Clerk of the Board. Please telephone the Office of the Clerk of the Board, (925) 655-2000, to the make the necessary arrangements.

Forms are available to anyone desiring to submit an inspirational thought nomination for inclusion on the Board Agenda. Forms may be obtained at the Office of the County Administrator, or Office of the Clerk of the Board, 1025 Escobar Street, 1st Floor, Martinez, California.

Applications for personal subscriptions to the weekly Board Agenda may be obtained by calling the Office of the Clerk of the Board, (925) 655-2000. The weekly agenda may also be viewed on this web page: Weekly Board of Supervisors Agenda