Due Date E-Mail Reminder

Secured Tax Payment Notification

If you have difficulty keeping up with the due dates of your annual Secured property tax payments, you may want to sign up for Due Date E-mail Reminder. The service is free and is solely intended to remind you to check the payment status of your tax bill before the taxes become delinquent.

An e-mail reminder will be sent approximately two weeks prior to each delinquent date to remind you to pay or check on the payment status of your Secured Property Tax bill(s).

This service can also be used as a third-party reminder to notify you to check on the taxes of loved ones who may be unable to pay them personally.

A maximum of three parcel numbers can be included per e-mail reminder, and a maximum of one e-mail reminder account per e-mail address.

You may discontinue this service anytime by clicking on the link in your e-mail notice that allows you to remove or deactivate your account.

Responsibility For Timely Payments

You are not relieved of your responsibility to make timely payments as a result of any failure of the County to send e-mail reminder notices. Penalties for delinquent payments will be imposed regardless of the subscription to this service or any failure of this service. Please read carefully the DISCLAIMER at the bottom of the subscription page.

E-Mail Confidentiality

The Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office will only use the e-mail address included in the subscription for the purpose of sending the Due Date E-mail Reminder and any other issues pertaining to your taxes. It will not share nor use the e-mail address for any other purpose without your express consent.