Tactical Employment Team (TET) 

Tactical Employment Team (TET) is a service provided to reduce the negative impact to employees who have been impacted by a layoff from Contra Costa County within the last four years and who are currently on a layoff list (PMR 614. ELIGIBILITY FOR A LAYOFF LIST).  

Your name will be placed on the layoff list for the class from which you have been removed if you have permanent status and you meet one of the following criteria: 

  •  laid off  
  •  displaced 
  •  demoted by displacement 
  •  voluntarily demoted in lieu of layoff or displacement  
  •  transferred in lieu of layoff or displacement

You will receive a link to complete the TET application from the HR Analyst who is assigned to work with you. 

Please thoroughly complete the application and sign it.  

Applications may be submitted to: [email protected]

*Note: Only one application is required.  (Your application will be kept on file and used for all positions you apply for through the TET process.) 


For a list of frequently asked questions regarding Layoff and the TET process, click here 

In addition to the process listed above, candidates are encouraged to apply for any open examination through the standard examination process, which can be found here 

If you have any questions, please call 925-335-1701.