Pay By Phone

Pay by Credit or Debit Card or by Electronic Check from a Checking or Savings Account.

A service fee of 2.50% for credit card payments and $3.50 for debit card payments will be assessed. There is no fee for electronic check payments.

To make a payment by telephone dial 925-957-5280. The interactive voice response system or IVR is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The following is a flowchart of the messages and options you will hear. Please be sure to have your tax bill and credit or debit card or checkbook in hand before calling to make a payment by phone. The IVR is time-sensitive and after five seconds of no interaction will transfer the call to a taxpayer services representative.

Welcome Message:

If you wish to listen in English, remain on the line.

If you wish to listen in Spanish, oprima dos.

Main Menu:

Option 1 - For property tax information or to pay a tax bill

Option 2 - For tax bill due dates and mail-in instructions

Option 3 - For office hours and location

Option 4 - To request a copy of a bill

Option 0 - To speak with a taxpayer services representative

Option # To repeat the Main Menu options

Property Tax Info:

Option 1 - To inquire on or pay secured - supplemental taxes

Option 2 - To inquire on or pay unsecured taxes

Option 3 - To inquire on or pay redemption taxes

Option 4 - To inquire on last year tax payments

Option 0 - To speak with a taxpayer services representative

Option # To return to the Main Menu

Parcel Number:

Enter only the first nine digits. For example 123-456-789-000

Tax Bill Lookup:

From Option 1 of the Property Tax Info menu the IVR will announce any prior-year taxes owing on the parcel and give the option to pay them.

The IVR will then announce secured and supplemental taxes paid and unpaid for the current year and give the option to pay the unpaid taxes.

Lookup Another Bill:

The IVR allows lookup of as many parcels as necessary. However, it will only allow a maximum of five parcels for payment in a single transaction.

Make Payment:

The IVR allows payment with either credit or debit card or with electronic check, and will explain the service fee amount to be paid in the transaction.

Payment ID:

After entering your card or bank account information, the IVR will verify payment and give a payment identification number. Please make note of this number on the coupon(s) paid during the call.