Certified Farmers' Markets

Certified Farmers’ Markets (CFMs) were created by "direct marketing" legislation to support California farmers. By facilitating direct marketing, producers can sell what they grow directly to the public. Unlike other states, in order to sell agricultural products at a Certified Farmers’ Market, those commodities must be grown by the producer selling at the market. Direct marketing is intended to support farms of all sizes by allowing them an additional means of selling their produce directly from farm to table. 

Certified Produce Grown Locally

Certified Producers

In order to sell at a Certified Farmers' Market, the farmer needs to get their agricultural product products certified. This is done by obtaining a Certified Producers Certificate (CPC). The Department of Agriculture conducts site visits within the county and provides producers with an annual CPC that lists what commodities they grow.

Kale for Sale

Contra Costa Certified Farmers' Markets

Contra Costa has over twenty Certified Farmers' Markets, which are open almost every day of the week. A schedule of the Certified Farmers' Markets, including locations, hours, and links to the website of each market, has been created to assist the public in finding their nearest market.