Municipal Toolkit

Municipal Greenhouse Gas Reduction Toolkit

Contra Costa County has developed this Toolkit for use by other local governments interested in reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from their municipal facilities and operations. For the purposes of this Toolkit, existing measures are those that were implemented prior to the 2006 GHG Inventory (PDF). Planned measures are those that will be implemented in the near future without further consideration. Potential measures are additional measures to further reduce GHG emissions that are suggested in the County's Municipal Climate Action Plan (MCAP) (PDF) dated December 2008.This Toolkit consists of the following five elements:

  1. Municipal Climate Action Plan (MCAP) - Editable version of the County's MCAP that can be customized by other jurisdictions [Word]-2.48MB] [PDF]
  2. Assumptions & Calculations - Detailed description of assumptions and calculations which are meant to aid other local governments in calculating the associated costs and GHG reductions for their own municipal GHG reduction measures [Word] [PDF]
  3. Metrics - Listing of greenhouse gas reduction metrics that can be applied by other local governments to customize evaluation for their conditions [Word] [PDF]
  4. Measures - Complete listing of all municipal GHG reduction measures considered by Contra Costa County as of December 2008 [Word] [PDF]
  5. Funding & Planning Resources - Links to specific resources for climate protection funding and planning [Word] [PDF]

Development of this Toolkit (PDF) was funded by a Climate Protection Grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.