Catastrophic Leave

Catastrophic Leave

The Catastrophic Leave Bank is designed to assist eligible county employees who have exhausted all paid accruals due to a serious or catastrophic illness, injury, or condition of the employee or family member.

The program establishes and maintains a county-wide bank wherein any employee who wishes to contribute may authorize that a portion of his/her accrued vacation, compensatory time, holiday compensatory time or personal holiday credit be deducted from those account(s) and credited to the Catastrophic Leave Bank. Employees may donate hours either to a specific eligible employee or to the general bank.

Upon approval, credits from the Catastrophic Leave Bank may be transferred to a requesting employee’s sick leave account so that employee may remain in paid status for a longer period of time, thus partially ameliorating the financial impact of the illness, injury or condition. Catastrophic illness or injury is defined as a critical medical condition, a long-term major physical impairment or disability that manifests itself during employment. The reviewing committee meets on the third Wednesday of every month. All applications must be received the Friday before.

If you have any questions regarding the donation of hours or how to apply please contact the Employee Benefits Services Unit at 925-655-2100 for additional information.

Catastrophic Leave Bank Forms

Forms are printable only.

Catastrophic Leave Bank Application (PDF)

Catastrophic Leave Bank Donation (PDF)