Emergency Alerts & Resources

In the event of an immediate threat to your life, health, or safety, the county’s Community Warning System will be activated. You can view current alerts on the CWS website. Depending on the urgency, severity, and certainty of the threat, some combination of the following alerting devices may be activated to provide you as much as notice as possible:

  • Sirens in special safety zones
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) on television and radio (KCBS 740 AM)
  • Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS)
  • Cell Phone Alerts
  • NOAA Weather Radios
  • Twitter and Facebook at CoCoCWS

For more information about these alerting devices and how to be receive alerts directly, visit the Community Warning System website.

Important Emergency Preparedness Resources

The state and federal governments provide a wide range of emergency information as well.

Visit the State’s Office of Emergency Services for tips and updated information regarding emergencies throughout California. Visit www.ready.gov for ways to plan ahead for emergencies. Be prepared. Be safe.

Stay on top of the latest incidents throughout the nation by visiting the Federal Emergency Management Association website.