New User Information



The Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office is pleased to announce the new on-line service for reporting deposit permits called Electronic Deposit Permit (EDP). This service will replace the current procedure for paper-based deposit permits and allow preparers to complete the form on computer any time and any where internet access is available.

If you are the person that prepares deposit permits for your department, and have not already been set up as a user in the EDP system, please reply as requested below.

In preparation for its deployment we ask for your cooperation in providing contact information and a Request for New Account at the link below.

This information will be used in setting up a user profile that will allow access into the EDP application. All fields must be completed in order for the profile to be set up properly and to have access to the system.

 Instructions for completing the request: 

  • Open the link: EDP Application.
  • Complete all fields in the form as follows.
    • User ID (Typically, the 1st letter of your first name, 1st four letters of your last name)
    • Users Full Name
    • Work Email address
    • Assigned Department (Choose from drop-down menu)
    • Phone Number
    • Supervisor's Email
    • Password (Please use password prior to the launch)
  • Select "Submit Request"

 You will be notified by the Treasurer-Tax Collector office when the account has been activated.