Special Benefit for New Hires

Deferred Compensation Plan (Plan 457)Special Benefit

New Hires: The County will contribute one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) per month to an eligible employee's account in the Contra Costa Deferred Compensation Plan when the employee defers twenty five dollars ($25).

Contact Employee Benefits Service Unit at (925) 655-2100 if you do not know your Bargaining Unit.

Labor Coalition

Hire Date: On or after January 1, 2010

Member of Bargaining Unit: 2D, 2I, 25, 3R, F2, K6, KL, KK, KZ, LT, QA, QC, QE, QH, QV, QX, QY, 51, TA, TB, TC, ZM

Unrepresented Management

Hire Date: On or after January 1, 2009

Member of Bargaining Unit: AS, A8, BD, BS, B1, B2, B3, B8, C8, D8, FT, FX, F8, 8I, 8J

Local 21

Hire Date: Or or after January 1, 2009

Member of Bargaining Unit: ZA, ZB, ZM

Probation Peace Officers Association

Deputy District Attorney & Probation and Probation Supervisor Units

Hire Date: On or after January 1, 2011

Member of Bargaining Unit: MA, VP, VK

Public Defenders

Public Defender Investigators

Hire Date: On or after March 1, 2011

Member of Bargaining Unit: JD, JE

Process For All

Requirements: The employee defers twenty-five dollars ($25) per month to the Contra Costa County Deferred Compensation Plan and must have an account set up with Empower.

Enrollment:  If you are already enrolled in the Deferred Compensation Plan and would like to begin contributing toward the Special Benefit you will need to access and enter your amount via the Employee Self Service (ESS) website PeopleSoft Website

Eligibility for All

Employment Status

The employee is a permanent full-time or permanent part-time employee regularly scheduled to work at least twenty (20) hours per week and has been employed for at least ninety (90) calendar days; If you are a re-hire or originally hired as a temporary employee, please contact Rowena at (925) 655-2152 to confirm eligibility.