Mobile Surface Cleaners

Mobile surface cleaners travel to sites to clean a variety of surfaces including:

  • Exterior walls
  • Pavement, including sidewalks and plazas
  • Parking lots and garages, drive-thrus, driveways
  • Gas stations
  • Shop floors
  • Dumpster enclosures at food service facilities
  • Carpeting
  • Shopping carts

Often this work is done outside of business hours, using a variety of washing equipment such as pressure washers. Wash water from mobile surface cleaning operations must never be allowed to enter the storm drain system, because it may contain a variety of pollutants, such as:

  • Soaps and surfactants
  • Dirt and grime from general pavement cleaning
  • Paint residue from graffiti removal
  • Petroleum products from automobiles
  • Grease and residue from restaurants

The Contra Costa Clean Water Program has prepared a brochure outlining Best Management Practices for Mobiles Cleaners & Businesses.

By its nature, this industry generates potentially polluting wash water that must be pre-treated and permitted prior to disposal to the sanitary sewer system. In Contra Costa County, several agencies offer certification programs for mobile cleaners that train operators in how to clean different surfaces in environmentally friendly ways.

Under the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit, Contra Costa County is required to promote pollution prevention best management practices (BMPs) in order to protect receiving water quality. Municipalities, businesses, and residents that hire mobile surface cleaners are ultimately responsible for any discharges from their contractor.

We encourage patronizing businesses whose mobile cleaning employees are professionally trained in pollution prevention BMPs and are certified by one of the above or similar permitting programs to ensure our storm drain system is protected from illicit discharges.

When done correctly, mobile surface cleaning can actually help the environment!