Advertised & Upcoming Construction Projects

Last Update: 6/09/20

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Project links below contain project information, including location, description of work, bid information, and bid results.

Project documents that are currently out to bid can be found in our Planroom

Video presentation of County Outreach Program for pre-bid meeting: GFE Presentation

Advertised Projects

Project Name
Cost Estimate
Bid Due Date
2020 On-Call Grinding Services Contract(s) for Various Road Maintenance Work (PDF)
(Countywide) Planroom
$200,000 Bids Results (PDF)
(Countywide)  Planroom
Bid Closed

2020 Contra Costa County Public Works Engineering Services Land Development On-Call
$250.000 Bid Closed
2020 Surface Treatment Project
(1,2, & 4 - El Sobrante, Richmond, Alamo)
DA 29G Storm Drain Replacement
$900,000 Bid Results (PDF)
$150,000 Bid Results (PDF)
$900,000 Bid Results (PDF)
2019 On-Call Trucking Services Contract(s) for
(Countywide) planroom
Bid Results (PDF)
Rodeo Downtown Infrastructure Project
$715,000 In Construction
Walnut Creek Crosswalk Improvements
(2-Walnut Creek)
$250,000 In Construction
San Pablo Dam Road Traffic Safety Improvements
(1-El Sobrante)
In Construction
Countywide Guardrail Upgrade
(1 & 3-El Sobrante, Brentwood)
$1,730,000 In Construction
Base Bid
In Construction
Base Bid
In Construction
Kirker Pass Road Northbound Truck Climbing Lane
(4 & 5-Concord)
$14,190,000 In Construction

Proposed Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate Advertise Date
$425,000 Summer 2020
(1-El Sobrante)
$300,000 Summer 2020
(5-Alhambra Valley)
$300,000 Summer 2021
(5-Bay Point)
$4,000,000 Spring 2021
$100,000 Summer 2020
(5-Bay Point)
$120,000 Summer 2021
$2,387,000 Summer 2021
(2-San Ramon)
$2,200,000 Summer 2021
$292,000 Fall 2021
$821,000 Spring 2021
Danville Boulevard - Orchard Court Complete Street Improvements
$1,920,000 Spring 2021