Advertised & Upcoming Construction Projects

Last Update: 1/23/2023

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Project links below contain project information, including location, description of work, bid information, pre-bid and bid opening virtual meeting instructions, and bid results.

Project documents that are currently out to bid can be found in our Planroom

Contra Costa County will hold pre-bid meetings for construction projects virtually.

Advertised Projects

Project Name
Cost Estimate
Bid Due Date    
Danville Boulevard - Orchard Court Complete Street Improvements
$2,900,000 Bid Results (PDF)
(5-Bay Point)
In Construction

Mayhew Way and Cherry Lane Trail Crossing Enhancements
(4-Walnut Creek)
$258,000 In Construction
Tara Hills Trash Capture Project
(1-San Pablo)
$2,050,000 In Construction
2022 Countywide Curb Ramp Project
(4,5-Bay Point, Contra Costa Centre, Pacheco,Rodeo)
$1,931,000 In Construction

$2,015,095 In Construction
Byron Highway/Byer Road Traffic Safety Improvements
$1,229,000 In Construction
Crockett Area Guardrail Upgrade

Fred Jackson Way First Mile/Last Mile Connection
In Construction
Marsh Drive Bridge Replacement
(4&5 Concord) 
In Construction
Lower Walnut Creek Restoration
In Construction
(1,2,4, & 5-El Sobrante, North Richmond, Alamo, Clyde, North Concord)
$7,100,000 Constructed
2020 Surface Treatment Project
(1,2, & 4 - El Sobrante, Richmond, Alamo)
(1 & 5 Bay View, Montalvin, Martinez/Lafayette)

Proposed Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate Advertise Date
(1,5 - El Sobrante, Crockett, Pacheco, Bay Point)
Winter 2023
(1,2,3,5 - Bay Point, El Sobrante, Orinda, Martinez, Byron, Knightsen, Brentwood, Byron)
$485,000 Summer 2023
Spring 2023
$7,000,000 Winter 2023
$767,000 Summer 2023
(3-Clayton, Brentwood)
Winter 2023
Norris Canyon Road Safety Improvements
(2-San Ramon)
$2,200,000 Summer 2023
Spring 2023
(1 & 5-Pinole, Rodeo)
$342,000 Spring 2023
(1 & 5-El Sobrante, Bay Point)
$922,000 Spring 2023
$236,000 Spring 2023