Advertised & Upcoming Construction Projects

Last Update: 7/18/18

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Advertised Projects

Project Name
Cost Estimate
Bid Due Date
Orwood Road Culvert Replacement 
$151,000 Bids Open
Buchanan Field Airport F Row Hangar Improvements
$706,000 Bid Results
Pacheco Blvd Sidewalk Gap Closure Phase III
$466,000 In Construction
Tice Valley Linear Park
​(2-Walnut Creek)
$339,000 Bid Results
Rio Vista Elementary Pedestrian Connection Project
(5-Bay Point)
$439,000 In Construction
Phase II - Pomona Street Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project
$167,000 In Construction
Clifton Court Road and Jersey Island Road Bridge Repair
(3-East County)
$186,000 Bid Results
Pedestrian Crossing Enhancements – Central and East County
​(2,3,4,5-Knightsen, Discovery Bay, Bay Point, Walnut Creek)
$293,000 In Construction
Morgan Territory Road Bridges - 4.30 and 4.40
In Construction
Blackhawk Road Bikeway Project
$224,000 Completed
Marsh Creek Road Bridge (28C-141) Replacement
In Construction
Bay Point Sign Upgrade
(5-Bay Point)
Base $216,000
Additive $134,000
In Construction
2018 Asphalt Rubber Cape Seal Project
(2-5-Bay Point, Clyde, Martinez, Walnut Creek)
$3,090,000 In Construction
Byron Highway at Camino Diablo Intersection Improvements
$1,820,000 In Construction
Balfour Road Shoulder Widening
$5,710,000 In Construction

Proposed Projects

Project Name Cost Estimate Advertise Date
Tara Hills Pedestrian Infrastructure
​(1-Tara Hills)
$318,000 Spring 2018
(1 & 5 - N. Richmond, Bay Point)
$175,000 Winter 2018
Kirker Pass Road Overlay & Truck Climbing Lane
$15,600,000 2019
Marsh Creek Road Traffic Safety Improvements
(3 & 4 - Clayton/Brentwood)
$811,900 Summer 2019
Rodeo Downtown Infrastructure Project
$438,000 2019
San Pablo Dam Road Sidewalk Gap Closure
(1-El Sobrante)
$426,000 Summer 2019