What We Do

Animal Control Officers petting a dogThe job duties and responsibilities of Animal Services Officers range far and wide. Listed below are just some of the services our Officers, Sergeants and Lieutenants perform on a daily basis:

  • Rabies control (Title 4, Div. 4, Chapter 416-10) investigations of animal to human bites; wildlife to domestic animal attacks and rabies exposures of all types.
  • Investigations of inhumane allegations. 
  • Investigation and enforcement of Animal Ordinance violations (Animal at Large, Failure to License). 
  • Investigation and enforcement of Potentially Dangerous Animal or Dangerous Animal cases (Dangerous Animal ordinance 416-18).
  • Animal noise enforcement (See Noisy Animal Ordinance
  • Domestic animal rescues.
  • Responding to sick, injured and/or aggressive domestic animal calls.
  • Responding to loose and injured livestock calls.
  • Impounding of deceased domestic animals. (Public and private property)
  • Impounding of deceased wildlife. (Public property only)

For more information, to file a complaint, or to request assistance, please call 925-646-2441. If you would like to speak with a Field Services staff member, our Field Services hours are 8:00am-9:00pm daily.