People using monitoring equipment and taking notesThe County complies with Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP) monitoring requirements by collaborating as a region. In early 2010, the County Watershed Program (CWP) joined with several other members of the Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) to participate in a regional collaborative effort to coordinate water quality monitoring required by the MRP. BASMAA is now replaced by the Bay Area Municipal Stormwater Collaborative (BAMSC). The resulting regional monitoring collaborative is called the BAMSC Monitoring/Pollutants of Concern (MPC) Committee.

Provision C.8 - Water Quality Monitoring of the MRP, requires municipalities monitor for a variety of pollutants in stormwater to understand how stormwater contributes pollution to creeks, the Delta, and the Bay. CWP is working cooperatively through the Contra Costa Clean Water Program to undertake various water quality monitoring projects, special studies and pilot programs within waterways in both the San Francisco Bay and Central Valley Waterboard regions. Monitoring information and documents prepared by the Contra Costa Clean Water Program are available on their monitoring webpage.

Here are some of the POC monitoring activities CWP is currently engaged in:

  • Trash and Low Impact Development (LID) Monitoring
  • Regional Monitoring Program (Bay Area)
  • POC Monitoring