Rodeo, California is an unincorporated area within Contra Costa County and is located adjacent to Highway 80 and between Hercules and Crockett. The United States Census Bureau recorded a population of 8,679 during the 2010 census. The population data will be updated following the 2020 census.

Rodeo is currently an industrial and a bedroom community, with residents who work across the Bay Area. Historically, the area was owned by Don Ignacio Martinez and later by John and Patrick Tormey. The brothers purchased the land and divided it between them. Patrick Tormey took control of the area that covered Rodeo and eventually the property was sold to several industries over time.

Rodeo never became an incorporated city. Instead the County has direct oversight of all its municipal needs, which means I have the honor of representing the residents of Rodeo as the Contra Costa County Supervisor for District 5. I have the pleasure of helping the residents with matters related to Public Works, the Department of Conservation and Development, the Sheriff’s Department, Health Services, and other Contra Costa County services.

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