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Your Voice is Needed to Support 

Contra Costa County Arts!


Can you please write a letter?


Today is a critical day for you to speak up and email the Measure X Board about YOUR support for the arts in Contra Costa County. For years, the County has allocated $0.06 per person annually. Compare that to $3.55 in Napa, $2.19 in Solano, $0.92 in Santa Clara, or $0.54 in Alameda County.


Voters passed Measure X last year to increase sales tax by ½ percent, bringing additional revenue into the County coffers. The Measure X Community Advisory Board has been meeting to send recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for distribution of these funds. The Arts and Culture Commission made a presentation to the Measure X Board to increase funding for the arts and they will be making their recommendations very shortly. 


PLEASE, show your support for the arts TODAY by sending out a couple of quick emails to the Measure X Board. Your voice counts and is desperately needed at this critical time!


The arts are an important and fundamental part of each of our lives. Whether it is reading a great book, watching a thrilling movie, expressing yourself through drawing, painting or any other creative endeavor, creating eye catching jewelry, or throwing a pot, firing and glazing to make a unique vessel, the arts have been a unique expression of our very selves for as long as humankind has existed. The arts inspire us, challenge us, change our perceptions and expand our thinking. Arts are a part of what makes us human.


And the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted and reinforced just how important the arts are for children and seniors and everyone in-between. During the stay-at-home order when people were isolated and needed an outlet, the arts filled that need. People’s creativity was sparked with painting, sculpting, writing and many other creative ventures to stretch their minds and keep their positivity. 


As life makes its eventual return to “normal” with live performances, festivals, and museums reopening, funding is needed to help organizations in this critical process of helping residents recover from the effects of isolation. The arts are second responders that have substantially contributed to our well-being and mental health at this time, and throughout time.


Please take 2 minutes right away and send an email in support of funding for the arts to the Measure X Board. 


Email the Measure X Community Advisory Board:

Lisa Driscoll, County Administrator’s Office 


Sample email: The arts are important to me and to my community. Please increase funding for the arts in Contra Costa County from $31,000 to $625,000 annually. This will help Contra Costa to demonstrate support for the arts and compete for national and state grants, which have been turned down due to inadequate County matching funds. It will help provide public art programs in each district, a Community Art Fund, a youth advisor in each district, an Artist-In-Residency in the School pilot program, the Arts Connection and Build Structures initiative and other great programs. It will help our County stabilize arts funding and be able to plan equitably for the future. Thank you.


Rather speak in public comment? Measure X zoom link:




Application Deadline: October 1, 2021

Contra Costa County is seeking an individual to serve on the Arts & Culture Commission in a Youth Advisor seat. The Arts & Culture Commission was established to advise the Board of Supervisors on matters related to promoting arts and culture as a vital aspect of community engagement. The Arts & Culture Commission is dedicated to advancing the arts in a way that promotes communication, education, appreciation, and collaboration throughout Contra Costa County so that we may grow creatively as a community that preserves and celebrates our diverse cultural expression.

Applicants will be interviewed and recommended by the Commission for appointment by the Board of Supervisors for a one-year term. The Youth Advisor appointee will perform a Commission-approved service project during their term and will be expected to attend all Commission meetings and other Commission activities as needed.

1 Position Available: Youth Advisor (non-voting)

Qualifications: Applicants can be a high school or college students and must reside in Contra Costa County.

Meeting Information: Meetings of the Arts & Culture Commission are held on the second Monday of every month at 6:00 PM.  

How to Apply: Application forms can be obtained from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors by visiting the County webpage at, calling (925) 655-2000, or e-mailing

Arts and Culture Prospectus 

of Contra Costa County  

In a time of a historical pandemic, calls for racial equity and social justice highlight the need to recalibrate our focus, shift strategies and invest in projects that will have more direct impact on our diverse communities. Requests for district art projects along with Contra Costa County government and community organization collaborations have increased. Therefore, the Arts and Culture Commission recently requested the re-budget of the venture capital for FY 2021-22 to create an updated Arts & Culture Prospectus of Contra Costa County which will act as a community action plan and identify art projects that are specific to the unique needs of a supervisorial district in the County.

In May 2021, the County Board of Supervisors approved the development of an updated Arts and Culture Prospectus of Contra Costa County. From July 2021 to June 2022, the Arts and Culture Commission proposes to identify community stakeholders, facilitate two workshops, and present an updated Arts & Culture Prospectus for Contra Costa County with a District Art Projects proposal to the Board of Supervisors. The overall guiding principles for the Prospectus will be to increase engagement, outreach, community awareness, highlight art resources, and conduct a community evaluation.

The Arts and Culture Commission and community stakeholders will be working together towards collective arts and cultural goals. 

Here’s our plan!


County Administration Building Exhibition

1025 Escobar Street, Martinez, CA

  • Exhibition is on the first floor across from the Board of Supervisors’ chambers. 
  • Building hours are 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.
  • Masks are required.
  • The exhibition will be on display till August 19, 2021.

The Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County in partnership with the California Arts Council, National Endowments for the Arts, and Poetry Foundation proudly supports Poetry Out Loud (POL), a national recitation contest open to high school students. Poetry Out Loud generates a love of poetry, helps students master public speaking, and builds self-confidence.

The program is open to all Contra Costa County high schools and organizations that work with grades 9-12 (homeschoolers can also participate).

Larger LACOG Grantees!







About LACOG: In partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), the California Arts Council (CAC) awarded the Arts and Culture Commission of Contra Costa County a grant as part of the 2020 State-Local Partner Cares Relief Fund. The Commission will administer a sub-grant program (LACOG) to fund general operating support, and/or project-based support to local arts and cultural organizations serving communities of color disproportionately affected by COVID-19. LACOG awardees are paired with commissioners to receive one-on-one guidance and support. 



Virtual Arts Café

Be inspired by Contra Costa County high school student artworks!

Visit: Student Art Exhibit

Information: Arts Café 


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