Washing handsKids at Work, offers a variety of balanced, nutritious meals where children are encouraged to try new foods. Our  was developed with the help of our children and families and new suggestions are always welcome! Our family style dining allows teachers to sit and share with the children, modeling appropriate manners and encouraging self-serving. When children can choose their foods and portion size they are more apt to try new foods.

For children with food allergies, we will work with you to accommodate your child's needs. Often, we can make a substitution that pleases your child.

To help support our parents and keep children properly nourished, we offer an early breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks and a hot lunch.

Many parents are happy that their children are eating things at school that they wouldn't try previously at home. Lori Sullivan, Kids at Work Director

For more information, please call (925) 313-2380 or email Kids at Work.