County Standard Plans

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If you have any questions, please call the receptionists at (925) 313-2000. You can download a complete copy of the Standard Plans (PDF), (file size is 3.9Mb) Individual plans can be downloaded in PDF format by selecting the plan number in the table below.

General Road Work

Plan Number Plan Name/Description                                                                           Date Updated
CA1 (PDF) Standard Drafting Symbols/Abbreviations March 2014
CA10 (PDF) Required Clearance Design Standards March 2014
CA20 (PDF) Driveway Profile Design Standards March 2014
CA30 (PDF) Street Barricade March 2014
CA40 (PDF) Street Survey Monument March 2014
CA50 (PDF) Typical Road Sections for Subdivisions & Road Acceptance       March 2014
CA51 (PDF) Typical HMA Conform Details for Overlays March 2014
CA53 (PDF) Two Lane Rural Road Guidelines March 2014
CA54 (PDF) Retrofit Curb Ramps March 2014
CA55 (PDF) Speed Bump March 2014
CA70 (PDF) Standard Sidewalk Details March 2014
CA71 (PDF) Median, Curb, and HMA Dike Details March 2014
CA72 (PDF) Driveway Ramp Details March 2014
CA73 (PDF) Concrete Valley Gutter Details March 2014
CA74 (PDF) Doweling Details for Curb and Sidewalk March 2014
CA75 (PDF) Curb Ramp (Type A) Typical Layout March 2014
CA76 (PDF) Double Curb Ramps (Type A) Typical Layout March 2014
CA90 (PDF) Mailbox Details March 2014

General Construction

Plan Number Plan Name/Description                                                                           Date Updated
CB10 (PDF) Temporary Timber Retaining Wall                                     March 2014

General Drainage

Plan Number Plan Name/Description                                                                           Date Updated
CD01 (PDF) Storm Drain Trench Details March 2014
CD03 (PDF) Silt Fence and Haybale Sediment Control Details                    March 2014
CD04 (PDF) Back of Curb Flow Diverter March 2014
CD05 (PDF) Gutter Flow for Standard Street Section March 2014
CD06 (PDF) Sidewalk Cross Drain & Residential Sidewalk Drain March 2014
CD07 (PDF) Storm Drain Utility Crossing at or Below Pipe Soffit March 2014
CD08 (PDF) Edge Drain Details March 2014
CD09 (PDF) Downdrain Details March 2014
CD11 (PDF) Type A, B, & C Inlet Frames and Grates March 2014
CD12 (PDF) Maintenance Access Opening March 2014
CD16 (PDF) Manhole Top Slab on Existing or New Inlet Base March 2014
CD20 (PDF) Type "A" Inlet March 2014
CD21 (PDF) Type "B" Inlet March 2014
CD22 (PDF) Type "C" Inlet March 2014
CD23 (PDF) Type "D" Inlet March 2014
CD24 (PDF) Type "E" Inlet March 2014
CD25 (PDF) Type "F" Inlet March 2014
CD26 (PDF)  Type "F" Top Slab & Inlet Opening Details March 2014
CD27 (PDF) Type "G" Inlet March 2014
CD28 (PDF) Type "H" Inlet March 2014
CD29 (PDF) Type "J" Inlet March 2014
CD30 (PDF) Precast Manhole, Type I Base, Frame & Cover March 2014
CD31 (PDF) Type II Manhole Base March 2014
CD32 (PDF) Type III Manhole Base March 2014
CD33 (PDF) Type IV Manhole Base March 2014
CD34 (PDF) Type V Manhole Base March 2014
CD35 (PDF) Std Inlet/Manhole Plan General Notes & Details                   March 2014

General Drainage - Flood Control Channels

Plan Number Plan Name/Description                                                                           Date Updated
CD40 (PDF) Rock Slope Protection March 2014
CD50 (PDF) Rock Slope Protection Pipe Outfall                                   March 2014
CD52 (PDF) Type "M" Headwall Structure Details March 2014
CD60 (PDF) Concrete "V" Ditch March 2014
CD61 (PDF) Concrete "V" Ditch Details March 2014
CD70 (PDF) Drainage Facility Chain Link Fence March 2014
CE01 (PDF) Temporary ESA Silt Fence March 2014

General Landscaping - Flood Control Channels

Plan Number Plan Name/Description                                                                           Date Updated
CH10 (PDF) Mitigation Landscaping Details March 2014
CH80 (PDF) Typical Landscaping Limits on Creek/Channel Embankments March 2014

Signing and Striping

Plan Number Plan Name/Description                                                                           Date Updated
CRS1 (PDF) Signing & Striping Standards March 2014


Plan Number Plan Name/Description                                                                          Date Updated
CU01 (PDF) Utility Trench Cut Details March 2014
CU60 (PDF) Standard Utility Locations                       March 2014