Cleanup of Materials

Overview County Watershed Program staff picking up trash 

The County Watershed Program (CWP) coordinates with the Public Works Department's (PWD) Maintenance Division and other County Departments to investigate reports of discharges and clean up discharges as quickly and as safely as possible when or if the responsible parties (RP) are uncooperative or unable. RPs are held responsible for illicit discharges, and enforcement action can be taken against them in the form of civil or criminal penalties, administrative action, liens against property, and cost recovery.

The CWP works with the following County Departments and other government agencies to ensure appropriate response to the following types of discharges:

Department / Agency
PWD - ConstructionConducts field investigations of releases at the request of the CWP.
PWD - Maintenance, Road CrewsRecovers large items blocking or dumped along County maintained roadways.
PWD - Maintenance, Flood ControlDirects and overseas removal of large items by property owners, such as downed trees, landslides and large pieces of solid waste (such as mattresses).
Department of Health Services - Environmental Health DivisionInvestigates non-hazardous discharges.
Department of Health Services - Hazardous Materials ProgramResponds to discharges of hazardous substances.
Department of Conservation and Development - Solid WasteProvides oversight of general County solid waste programs.
Department of Conservation and Development - Code EnforcementDirects property owners to clean up releases that may present health and safety concerns.
Department of Conservation and Development - Building InspectionProvides enforcement of grading violations involving more than 200 cubic yards of soil.
Sheriff's OfficeInvestigates and cites illegal dumping incidents and unsecured loads.
District Attorney's Office, Environmental Crimes UnitAssists in the prosecutorial process against dischargers.
California Department of Fish & WildlifeIssues field citations and conducts enforcement for pollutant discharges to creeks and streambed alterations.
Regional Water Quality Control Board Enforces California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Act.