"Official Notice"

Regarding Electronic Payments on Treasurer-Tax Collector's Website

I acknowledge that I have read and accepted the terms of this notice. I understand that by choosing to make a payment to Contra Costa County electronically, I may be subject to a third party imposed convenience fee; the amount of which will be determined by the payment method selected. I also understand that I can avoid a convenience fee by making payment by in form of cash or check directly to the Contra Costa County Tax Collector (CCCTC).

​​I am further aware that certain types of financial accounts, including but not limited to home equity lines of credit and brokerage accounts, may not be accessible by electronic payment. Also, that some financial institutions require very specific account information for processing electronic payments, information that may not be readily available or included on a check or other negotiable instrument drawn on the account. If you have a debit-block activated on your bank account, you will need to authorize ACH/Company ID 7946000509 to avoid having the transaction rejected by your bank. Discrepancies or omissions in the information provided to the third party processor may result in the rejection of a payment.    E-check payments rejected or revoked for any reason will be subject to the County standard returned check fee. An e-check, credit and/or debit card transaction may be canceled by requesting the Tax Collector’s office in writing at [email protected] no later than 4:00pm of the business day of the transaction. The request must include the parcel number, property address, owners name, and reason for the request or it will be denied. Additionally, any amounts due may be deemed delinquent if not paid in good funds by the delinquent date; which will result in additional penalty and interest charges.​​

​I also understand that a confirmation number provided by the third party processor does not constitute a paid receipt. Taxes, fines, fees and other charges are not considered paid until the payment has been received and posted by Contra Costa County. I accept that I am solely responsible for the accuracy and usability of the information I provide. I acknowledge that Contra Costa County assumes "NO LIABILITY" as a result of errors, omissions, or discrepancies that result in a non-acceptance or non-authorization of my transaction.