Environmental Purchasing Policy

Adopted April 15, 2008
It is the policy of Contra Costa County to:
  • institute practices that reduce waste by increasing product efficiency and effectiveness
  • purchase environmentally preferable products and services that minimize environmental impacts, toxics, pollution, and hazards to worker and community safety to the greatest extent practicable
  • purchase products that include recycled content, are durable and long-lasting, conserve energy and water, use agricultural fibers and residues, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, use unbleached or chlorine free manufacturing processes, are lead and mercury free, and use sustainably harvested wood.
This Policy is adopted in order to:

  • conserve natural resources
  • minimize environmental impacts such as pollution and use of water and energy
  • eliminate or reduce toxics that create hazards to workers and our community
  • promote practices that improve public and worker health
  • support strong recycling markets
  • reduce materials that are landfilled
  • increase the use and availability of environmentally preferable products that protect the environment
  • identify environmentally preferable products and distribution systems
  • reward manufacturers and vendors that reduce environmental impacts in their production and distribution systems or services
  • create a model for successfully purchasing environmentally preferable products that encourages other purchasers in our community to adopt similar goals 

For the complete Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy click here.