Human Resources Department


The Human Resources Department has a staff of 52 employees and a FY 2017-2018 budget of approximately $11.6 million. The Department is organized into three Service Units that provide a full range of personnel services to County Departments, employees, and the public. These Service Units are responsible for the following activities:

Administrative Services Unit

The Administrative Services Unit prepares the annual Human Resources Department budget; directs and monitors department-wide budget activities; and handles purchasing transactions, payroll, staffing, position control, safety, and the data processing needs of the department. The Administrative Services Unit is also responsible for formulating policies and procedures, administering the County-wide Contracted Temporary Help Program, providing consultation on human resources and Merit Board issues, and providing other needed administrative support.

Employee Benefits Services Unit

The Employee Benefits Services Unit develops and recommends long-term, cost effective benefits strategies and policies to the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors that assist the County in maintaining an overall competitive compensation package. This Unit also coordinates the resolution of benefit disputes, and participates in identifying, selecting and negotiating with vendors for employee benefits. Other Unit responsibilities include providing communication, education, training and consulting services (including mental health consultation and employee assistance services), and analyzing and recommending benefits changes and enhancements.

Personnel Services Unit

The Personnel Services Unit develops, recommends, implements and administers human resources program activities in the areas of recruitment, examinations, compensation, classification, and records management. Among other services, this Unit produces and distributes job announcements; conducts outreach recruitment; develops and administers merit system examinations; certifies eligible candidate lists to departments; conducts salary surveys and job audits; prepares class specification and classification reports; and processes various personnel transactions.

Labor Relations Services Unit*

The Labor Relations Services Unit develops and implements the County’s labor relations goals, policies and priorities and manages the negotiations process with the employee associations/unions. Formerly a Unit of the Human Resources Department, the Labor Relations Service Unit was moved to the County Administrator’s Office on July 1, 2014.