Aviation Advisory Committee

The Aviation Advisory Committee (AAC) was established in 1977 to provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on aviation issues related to the Contra Costa County Airports. The AAC works to advance aviation while giving those community members living and working near the Airports a chance to stay informed on Airport matters as well as voice their opinions and concerns. The AAC also provides a forum for vetting policy matters related to Buchanan Field and Byron Airports.

Meeting Calendar and Agenda Archive

Select the "2020 Meeting Calendars and Agendas" tab below to view a list of recent and upcoming meetings and associated agenda/packets. An archive of past meeting agendas and packets is also available. Packets include monthly operations and noise statistic reports as well as supporting documents for agenda items.

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January 9, 2020 Director of Airports Office
550 Sally Ride Drive, Concord
10:00 AM January 9, 2020 (PDF)
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